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Bus Fares

Zones, Fare Calculations & Concessions

Fare calculation

Our services are divided into a number of zones or boundaries emanating from a central point. This point is usually the CBD or another central attractor. i.e., Stocklands Shopping Ctr. A base fare (the adult single fare for travel within a single zone) is applied and increases incrementally as the number of zones travelled within or through increases. The base fare is comprised of a flag fall component and a distance component. The most zones you can travel through with Duffys Buses are 4 Zones. A full fare paying adult travelling through 4 zones would pay approximately $4.00 each way (current 2020).

Fare schedules and zone boundaries are contained on public timetables.

Travel concessions


A 50 per cent concession fare applies to holders of a current Pensioner Concession Card issued by the Australian Government Department of Human Services or the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Veterans – Gold or White card

A 50 per cent concession fare applies to Queensland residents that hold a current gold or white Veteran card, or a Department of Veterans Affairs DVA Health Card - for All Conditions or for Specific Conditions within Australia with the prefix ‘Q’.


A 50 per cent concession fare applies to holders of a current Seniors Card issued by any Australian state or territory government. This excludes Seniors Business Discount Card holders.

Tertiary students

A 50 per cent concession fare applies to eligible tertiary/post-secondary students who hold a current student identification card issued by a Queensland institution registered with the Department of Transport and Main Roads. Students are required to carry this card with them when travelling on a concession fare. The student identification card must have the valid Public Transport Concession sticker affixed.

Vision impaired persons

A 100 per cent concession fare applies to the holder of a Vision Impairment Travel Pass (also known as a Vision Impaired Persons Travel Pass or Vision Impaired Travel Pass) issued within Australia. Cards are issued by relevant state and territory authorities.


A 100% concession fare applies to infants (4 years of age and younger).

Companion card holders’ companions

In line with the Department of Transport and Main Roads' Companion Recognition Policy, a 100% concession is to be provided to the companion of the holder of a Companion Card (issued by all states and territories) on approved services only. Cardholders must purchase a valid ticket for travel. Proof of entitlement for companions of Companion Cardholders must be produced at time of purchase, on request by an authorised person, or upon boarding a bus.

Guide dogs and other assistance animals

Certified guide, hearing and assistance dogs trained in accordance with the Guide Hearing and Assistance Dogs Act (2009) and assistance animals trained in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act (1992) are permitted on qconnect services.

Fare FAQs

Frequently asked questions about fares and payments.

Cash is accepted by drivers. However, do not give them large notes. Coins are fine. A Swipe Card is preferred.

All drivers carry timetables on board.

Initial Swipe cards are issued via our office as they are preloaded with funds of $20 / $50 /$100. Once you have your card you can top up your card online or with the driver with cash.

Lost property?

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