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School Bus Safety Tips & How To

Duffys Buses will never leave a child behind!

How to travel safely on a school bus

Students waiting on footpath for the bus to stop before boarding

Top tips for school travel

  1. Stand where the driver can see you, and hail your bus early so the driver has time to stop safely
  2. Have your bus pass card pass ready
  3. Plan your journey and arrive at your stop or station 5 minutes early

Safety tips for catching public transport

If your child is in primary school, walk them to and from their bus stop until they are confident to do it alone. You should always meet them at the actual stop—never across the road.

Teach your child:

  • which bus to catch and where to get on and off it (write it down for them)
  • to have their Swipe N Go card ready before the bus comes (if applicable)
  • to stand back from the side of the road when the bus comes
  • to wait for the bus to stop before getting on or off it
  • to respect the driver and the other passengers
  • not to distract the driver (for example, by calling out or being too loud)
  • to keep their body inside the bus at all times
  • to wait for the bus to drive away before crossing the road.

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