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School Bus Fares & Student Schemes

Schemes and fares available to students using Duffys Buses

School Transport Assistance Scheme

Duffy’s Buses transports School Students using the School Transport Assistance Scheme as its basis. High School Students who reside more than 4.8 Kilometers from their nearest State High School receive free transport to that school. Primary School Students who live more than 3.2 Kilometers from their nearest State Primary School also receive free transport.

Travelling further than your nearest state school

For those students who decide to travel to a School further than their nearest State School, a top-up fare is required. The fare is based on how many zones a student needs to travel before reaching their School of Choice. For instance, Students living in Bargara may want to travel to Shalom College as their School of choice. This would mean they would be entitled to travel free to Kepnock State High School (The nearest State-Based High School) and subsequently, pay for 2 zones to reach Shalom, which is currently $1.50.

What if I don't meet the eligibility requirements?

There are also other options for Students who do not meet eligibility requirements to receive cheap travel. Students can apply for Safety Net travel options, and information can be accessed under the following link School Transport Assistance Scheme.

QCEC Scheme for non-state schools

Other cheap travel options for parents include the QCEC Scheme, which offers Students travelling to non-State Schools travel rebates.