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Bus Travel Assistance (BTA) - How To & Forms

Distance-based assistance

Applications via the BTA - Bus Travel Assistance form

Students without a state school in their local area may be eligible for distance-based assistance if:

  • their nearest state primary school is more than 3.2km away
  • their nearest state secondary school is more than 4.8km away
  • non-state school students must live the required distance from both the nearest state and non-state school.

If you meet the above criteria students are eligible for free travel to and from school. Bus passes are issued that signify that travel is free.

School student holds bus pass up to camera

Important information about bus passes

  1. Bus passes must be shown/swiped at all times or a fare will be charged
  2. The first bus pass is issued free of charge
  3. Lost or damaged bus passes will need to be replaced at a cost of $20.00
  4. Bus passes cannot be utilised by any other person other than the intended recipient

Eligibility guidelines

Students may be eligible for school transport assistance if they:

  • have parents/guardians who are residents of Queensland
  • are independent students who are residents of Queensland
  • attend an approved school or an alternative program approved by the Queensland Department of Education
  • are younger than 19 years of age prior to commencing secondary study
  • are seeking transport assistance from one residential address and to one school facility
  • this address must be the principal place of residence of the student’s parent or guardian
  • for students with shared custody, parents must select one address to be used to assess STAS eligibility. For shared custody arrangements, the principal place of residence of only one parent/guardian can be nominated. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to determine the principal place of residence used to assess eligibility for STAS.
  • are travelling more than 1 trip per week

Students who are not eligibile

Students are not eligible to apply for school transport assistance if they are:

  • Pre-prep and kindergarten students
  • Mature age students
  • Overseas, interstate and exchange students
  • TAFE students
  • Distance education students
  • Tertiary students.

Please remember: students can only apply from one address. The address must be the same as registered at their school.

Students with disability

Students with disability will continue to receive school transport assistance when the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is introduced in Queensland. The NDIS will not disrupt existing services for eligible students. The Queensland Government will continue to provide school transport assistance for students with disability who are not eligible to receive NDIS funding.

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