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School Bus Services

Peace of mind when it comes to your child

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School bus fares & schemes for students

School bus services you can trust

Duffys Buses transports approximately 3000 school students daily and have done so since 1954. We take pride in transporting students safely and reliably.

All our bus-travelling students are registered to travel and with that comes a free assessment of travel options. These options include fully subsidised travel, partly subsidised travel, Safety Net, and fare-paying options. Contact our office for full details. Duffys Buses have services as far east as Innes Park North, Bargara, Burnett Heads, Gin Gin to the West & Thabeban to the south. For those services where there is not a direct route to school available, there is generally a transfer option.

Free bus travel for school students - conditions apply

Options available for school travel include:

  • FREE TRAVEL - You meet all the criteria as set out by Queensland Transport - Fully subsidised
  • PART FREE TRAVEL - You pay a small amount towards travel - Partly subsidised
  • SAFETYNET OPTIONS - If you do not meet the above criteria and hold a current Pension / Health Care Card - $5 a week
  • NONE OF THE ABOVE - Swipe N Go cards are available
School child taps bus card against reader to pay for travel fare

Easy and convenient payments

Duffys Buses also offers a variety of payment methods for those who are required to pay a fare. This includes cash and our Swipe and Go cards. Swipe and Go cards can be topped up with funds and used to pay for bus fares. Top-ups can be made by the bus driver, online, or in our office (cards are required at the time of top-up). All bus passes and Swipe and Go cards are initially issued FREE and without card fees – All you have to do is load the credit. We are the only bus transport provider that offers this service within the Bundaberg Region, which is very safe, secure & convenient.

Safe, secure and reliable

Duffy’s Bus drivers are some of the most friendly and professional drivers in the country. They are in constant contact with each other via two-way radio. This ensures no child is ever left behind. This is also backed up by our depot base, which monitors all services via GPS tracking and CCTV capabilities. All services are continually monitored for passenger loading levels as a further safety measure.

School kids lined up ready to board Duffys Buses at their school

We will get them there safely

Parents can trust us to get their children to and from schools safely, and without the need to fight traffic around school areas themselves. School students can also use our services to attend after school activities, without Mums and Dads needing to be taxis. Our services are flexible, inexpensive, safe and always COVID – 19 deep cleansed daily.

Essential school forms
Top up your Bus Card

School Travel FAQs

Students without a state school in their local area may be eligible for distance-based assistance under the Bus Travel Assistance Scheme (BTA) if:

  • their nearest state primary school is more than 3.2km away - Free to that school
  • their nearest state secondary school is more than 4.8km away - Free to that school
  • non-state school students must live the required distance from both the nearest state and non-state school. Free to the nearest school - Partial fare to the school of choice.

Learn more about Bus Travel Assistance

First, establish if you are eligible for assistance under the STAS scheme.

If yes – fill out a BTA form, and return BTA to our office for processing. The application is then sent to Queensland Transport for approval, and once we receive approval of the application the appropriate bus pass will be issued. This bus pass must be swiped every time a student boards the bus.

This remains the student’s bus pass until it is no longer required.

The best way to pay for your bus fare is by a Swipe N Go Card:

  • This card allows you to put credit onto it and use that credit to pay for fares.
  • There is no limit to how much credit you place on the card
  • Receipts are issued on request
  • All cards are registered so if you lose it, let us know

When the card is running low on funds you can top up by:

Please Note: There are no refunds given on Swipe Cards. Balances are only transferable through our office. Please ring Duffy's Buses.

Yes, for those parents not eligible for BTA and who carries a current Health Care Card for Pension Card you may be able to apply for our $5 weekly payment options. Conditions apply - Please ring our office for full details.

Learn more about Safety-Net options

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