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Lost Property

At Duffys Buses, we aim to minimise property losses and to return misplaced items to their rightful owners as efficiently as possible. This is to be done with minimum disruption to our services.

Duffy's will endeavour to reunite owners of lost/found property however you leave anything behind on any of our services, please contact our offices on 1300 383 397 instead of attempting to disrupt our drivers.

Collecting your lost property

There is a central collection point for lost/found property located at our Depot office. All lost property must be collected from this office – no exceptions. Lost/found property will be logged on our Lost/found Property register. If possible, the owner of the lost property will be contacted via email or phone.

Lost/found property will only remain at the office for 1 month before being disposed of. Any perishables, i.e. food, will only be held for 24hrs or otherwise instructed. At no stage will drivers engage in trying to track down lost/found property, unless authorised to do so by SENIOR management. Drivers check their allotted bus at each break period, i.e. meal breaks, fueling etc. for any lost property.

Submit your lost property details

Provide details of your lost property and, if found, one of our team will be in touch to advise when the item/s will be ready to be collected from our Depot office.