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Safe and sound since 1954

Duffy’s Buses whole philosophy is around safety. From meticulously maintained vehicles to highly trained employees, we put our customer's safety before anything else.

What you can expect from our vehicles

  • All vehicles are maintained to levels exceeding the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Vehicles are presented to the Queensland Department of Transport for inspections.
  • All vehicles are equipped with CCTV for passenger safety.
  • All vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking equipment that monitors driver behaviour for increased passenger safety.

What you can expect from our employees

  • All employees undertake pre-departure inspections on vehicles before they depart our depot.
  • All employees are checked for licences and drivers’ authorities to ensure they are entitled to drive our buses.
  • All employees are put through stringent training requirements before driving buses.
  • Employees are kept up to date on all safety requirements by way of refresher training throughout each year.

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