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The history of Duffy's City Buses


Duffy’s City Buses began trading in 1954 when Tom and Marie Duffy purchased the local Bundaberg bus service from Mr Earl Johnson. Immediately they set about improving the quality of services and buses. The buses serviced the schools and conducted urban and charter services, operating seven days per week.

Original Duffys Buses bus in green and red

As cars became more readily available, urban services were starting to struggle, however, the introduction of conditional free transport to school helped keep the business viable. During this time a number of services were deleted because of the fall in passenger numbers. These included the picture service, workers’ service and Saturday and Sunday services.

In 1975, Tom Duffy passed away and other family members carried on the business. In 1981, Paul and Lyn Duffy purchased the business in their own right. Paul and Lyn remain the owners to this day.

During the 1980s, Duffy's City Buses began rebuilding their urban services in addition to maintaining their school and charter services. In the late 80s, competition for long-distance charters increased, thus forcing these types of services to become unviable. Market preference becomes dollar-driven rather than quality-focused. For these reasons, it was decided to phase out long-distance charter operations and concentrate on core school and urban services. This was a major paradigm shift, however, it gave the company the opportunity to refocus its goals and set in place services and vehicles that were of the highest standard.

In July 1994 the urban services were extended to encompass greater areas of Bundaberg. In July 1999, these services were updated with more services per day, new timetables and integrated services and ticketing. At this point, Duffy's City Buses had one of the most modern fleets and most regular timetables in regional Queensland. This philosophy continues today.

Duffy's today

Presently, Duffy's City Buses transports more than 3,000 passengers per day. This equates to close to 5% of the accessible population and includes the transportation of School Students and adult passengers. Deliberately, Duffy's City Buses' intention is to provide effective and efficient transport options that provide the people of Bundaberg with quality alternatives. Increasing public transport usage is Duffy's City Buses' aim.

Safety is a key component of the organisation and currently, our fleet consists of 23 buses with a fleet average of 8 years. The character of these includes disability-accessible low-floor air-conditioned vehicles along with modern school buses. These vehicles travel close to 900,000km per year and are stringently maintained along with a vehicle replacement scheme in place.

Duffy's City Buses employ approximately 30 staff members who are all valuable and integral to achieving our goals.

2014 was a big year for Duffy's City Buses as it marked our 60th Anniversary. 2020 has brought new challenges with the advent of the COVID pandemic but together with our staff we successfully navigated the issues. 2021 is also proving to be challenging but the attitude of Duffy's City Buses and its employees is proving to be a successful team.

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