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Our ability to serve you

Duffy’s Buses provides passengers with public transport options for adults and school students within the Bundaberg Region.

We offer solutions for people who choose more environmentally friendly transport options compared to other forms of transport including private motor vehicles. Our solutions are also ideal for people who are mobility challenged, or unable to drive or cannot access private transport.

Duffy’s Buses offer reliable, safe and cost-efficient public transport for Schools, Hospitals, Doctor Surgeries, Shopping Centres, Beaches and other destinations.

Friendly driver

Customer service is our priority

Our customers receive second to none customer service levels in addition to safe, reliable, cost-efficient services on modern, Disability Accessible vehicles.

Positives of public transport

By and large, it’s way cheaper to use public transportation to get around than it is to buy your own vehicle. You don’t have to pay for petrol, parking, maintenance, cleaning, or any of that stuff. Just pay your fare, and you’ll get there.

Using public transport is much less taxing on the environment compared to private vehicles. Since a lot of people can ride the same vehicle, the carbon emissions per head are largely reduced. You can also save time using our School buses rather than fight traffic jams around our local schools. Just register your children and wave them goodbye for the day – We’ll take care of the rest.

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