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Summary: School & Passenger Service
Suburbs: Burnett Heads / Kepnock / City / Norville
Schools: Burnett Hds SS / KSHS / St Johns / BSHS / TAFE / Norville / Shalom
Transfers Available to:

5 PM

Suburbs: Norville / TAFE / Kepnock / Burnett Hds
Schools: BSHS / St Joesphs / Kepnock / Burnett Hds SS
Transfers Available to:

40 AM

Suburbs: Avenell Hghts, Thabeban, Kepnock, City, North
Schools: Thabeban SS, St Mary's, Central SS, KSHS, BSHS, North SS, NSHS
Transfers Available to: BCC, Shalom

40 PM

Suburbs: North, City, Kepnock, Avenell Hghts, Woongarra Village, Thabeban
Schools: NSHS, North SS, Central SS, BSHS, KSHS, St Mary's, Thabeban SS
Transfers Available to: Bargara, Burnett Hds, Arcadia Pk, Kensington

41 AM

Suburbs: East, Kalkie, Belle Eden, Kepnock
Schools: KSHS, Norville SS, Shalom, St Patrick's, West SS
Transfers Available to: BCC, NSHS, North SS, BSHS, St Mary's

41 PM

Suburbs: Norville, City, East, Kalkie, Kepnock, Belle Eden
Schools: St Patrick's, Norville SS, Shalom, KSHS
Transfers Available to: Bargara, North, Sandy Hk, Arcadia Pk/ Branyan, Avoca

50 AM

Summary: St Patricks trf @ #41 at Shalom/ BSHS, North schools trf to #40 @ KSHS
Suburbs: Bargara, Innes Park Nth, Kepnock, Avenell Hgts
Schools: KSHS, St Marys, Shalom
Transfers Available to: St Patricks, Norths SS, BSHS, NSHS

50 PM

Summary: Collects St Patricks & St Mary's Trf's at Shalom
Suburbs: Avenell Hghts, Kepnock, Innes Park Nth, Bargara
Schools: Shalom, St Marys, KSHS
Transfers Available to: Nil

51 AM

Suburbs: Bargara Nth, Kalkie, East, City, Norville
Schools: Kalkie SS, East SS, St Joseph's, BSHS, Norville SS, Shalom
Transfers Available to: BCC, North SS, NSHS

51 PM

Suburbs: Norville, City, East, Kalkie, Bargara Nth
Schools: Shalom, Norville SS, BSHS, East SS
Transfers Available to:

52 AM

Suburbs: Innes Pk Nth, Bargara Sth, Hummock, Kepnock, Avenell Hghts
Schools: KSHS, Shalom, St Mary's
Transfers Available to: St Patrick's, BCC, BSHS, North SS, NSHS

52 PM

Suburbs: Avenell Hghts, Kepnock, Hummock, Bargara Sth, Innes Pk Nth
Schools: St Mary's, Shalom, KSHS
Transfers Available to: