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School Bus Services

School Services Process

The department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) administers a scheme called the School Transport Assistance Scheme (STAS).  This scheme is one of the largest assistance programs provided by the Queensland Government, and provides assistance to eligible students travelling to primary and secondary schools.
In Queensland, students may qualify for school transport assistance on two main types of bus services. These are kilometre-based school bus services and fares-based school bus services. DCB bus services are fare based.

Fares-based school bus services normally operate in the more densely populated areas of the state, and usually operate to both state and non-state schools within the bus company's approved service area to meet demand. These services provide transport for students for the payment of individual student fares. If eligible for assistance on fares-based services, the government will pay the individual students fare.  Fares are calculated based on the amount of zones a student travels through.  Students who are eligible and registered for Bus Travel Assistance (BTA) under the STAS scheme will either travel free (Fully eligible) or at a reduced rate (Partly eligible), depending on certain criteria. 


 Full Eligibility occurs when the student is attending his/her nearest state school and

  • (Primary school students) need to live more than *3.2klms from their nearest state Primary school to be eligible. 
  • (Secondary students) need to live more than *4.8klms from their nearest state Secondary school to be eligible.

*The distance is calculated on the shortest trafficable route. 
Eligible students need to fill in a BTA form and return it to Duffy's Buses.  If it is easier just give it to a bus driver.  Please ensure all details are filled in including email address.  Emails are our best way of issuing updated information. 


Part Eligibility occurs when the student travels to another school beyond their nearest.

Students who chose to travel to a school that is further than their nearest school may still be eligible for travel assistance for part of their journey - that is to their nearest school. Students then pay the difference from their nearest school to the school of their choice.  A BTA form is still required so you can travel free for the first part of your journey.  A $20 minimum spend is required before these passes are issued. 


  1.  First establish if you are eligible for assistance under the STAS scheme.
  2.  If yes – fill out a BTA form
  3.  Return BTA to our office for processing
  4.  Application is then sent to Queensland Transport for approval
  5.  Once we receive approval of the application the appropriate bus pass will be issued.
  6.  This bus pass must be swiped every time a student boards the bus
  7.  This remains the student’s bus pass until it is no longer required.

Please note: 

  • Changes to any of your details, i.e. change of school or address will result in your government assistance being automatically revoked.   Another BTA form is required.
  • All lost or willfully damaged Bus passes will require a $20 replacement fee before being issued
  • Failure to show a bus pass is the same as ‘fare evasion ‘and will be dealt with through the Code of Conduct.  


The best way to pay for your bus fare is by a Swipe N Go Card:
  • This card allows you to put credit onto it and use that credit to pay for fares.
  • There is no limit to how much credit you place on the card 
  • Receipts are issued on request
  • All cards are registered so if you lose it let us know
When the card is running low on funds you can top up by:
  • Giving money to the driver or
  • Using our top up facility on our home page
  • Come in to the office with the Swipe Card 
Please Note: There are no refunds given on Swipe Cards.  Balances are only transferable through our office.  Please ring Duffy's Buses.
Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme (NSSTAS) (QCEC)

The Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme (NSSTAS) is a joint initiative of the Queensland Catholic Education Commission (QCEC) and Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ).

The Scheme is administered by QCEC on behalf of all non-state schools in Queensland and is funded by the State of Queensland with the assistance through the Department of Education and Training.

 For full details please contact your school and or visit: QCEC NSSTAS