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Travelling on our buses? We'd love to hear your thoughts.
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Posted: 1 Jan 2022 | Posted in: Latest News

 All students who are issued a bus pass from Duffys Buses must swipe that bus pass each ride.  This includes:
  • Red School Passes (represent approved free travel)
  • Blue School Passes (represent partially approved travel - part fare required)
  • Yellow School Passes (represents Safetynet Approved travel - $5 a week payment required) 
 Students who regularly do not swipe their bus pass will be cautioned under Queensland Transports 'Code of Conduct ' for school travel
  • Presenting your bus pass tells the driver what fare he/she must charge.
  • Keeps a record of your travel - so if you need proof it will verify your travel
  • Enables Duffys to monitor if your bus pass is being used by someone else

Transport fare evasion (QLD GOVERNMENT)
If you use public transport (e.g. train, bus, ferry) or private hire like a taxi, it is an offence if you:
  • Do not pay 
  • try not to pay 
  • do not pay your full fare
  • travel outside your allowed distance
  • do not have proof of your concession (if you are traveling as a concession holder).
You can be fined or have to appear in court. You could be sentenced to 6 months in prison.
Plan ahead Make sure you always have enough money on your Swipe N Go or School N Go Card (or a valid ticket) before you travel.