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Posted: 3 Jan 2017 | Posted in: Latest News

Did you know you could be eligible for FREE travel to and from school?
In Queensland it is compulsory for children to attend school at certain stages of their life. The Queensland Government provides educational facilities throughout the state. In areas where it is not feasible for the government to provide these facilities, assistance with school transport costs is provided under the School Transport Assistance Scheme - STAS
The Queensland Government understands that education is essential for Queensland's development. Due to this, education facilities are provided throughout the state.

It is the responsibility of parents to make suitable travel arrangements for their children to attend school. For many years the state government has provided assistance with school transport costs for eligible students in certain circumstances. This assistance is provided under the School Transport Assistance Scheme (STAS), which recognises the needs of students in areas with limited student populations where facilities cannot be justified. It is in these areas that school transport assistance is provided to enable students to attend education facilities.